DeskSpace 1.5

Manage many desktops and move among them with a nice 3D cube visual effect
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If you have seen and tasted the following programs, Beryl in Linux, or VirtueDesktop in Mac, then I'm sure that you have asked yourself (just like me) "is there a similar program in Windows with those nice visual effects?" Well, now I have some news for you. DeskSpace 1.5 is an amazing program that will simulate a nice cube visual effect in your desktop, and will give you the possibility to work between many desktops, where you will be able to change from one to another in a 3D visual way, just pressing hotkeys or with your mouse, and even you will be able to drag and drop windows from one side to another.

There are a total of six desktops you will get with this amazing application. You will be able to move from one to another easily pressing hotkeys, and customize each one of them. As each desktop works separately, you will be able to open a program in one desktop, and work with other programs in other desktops. You will be able to have different icons on each desktop. When you want to switch between one desktop to another, a nice visual 3D cube effect will be displayed on your screen. This of course, can be customized on the options window.

To sum up, if you want to give a nice change to your desktop, download DeskSpace, I'm sure you will enjoy it a lot.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Very easy to use
  • Nice 3D Visual effects


  • Manage Desktop wallpaper option doesn't work properly sometimes
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